Dubai RTA’s NOL card is a helpful method to pay for all open vehicles, for example, Dubai Metro Train, Dubai RTA Buses, Dubai Tram, and also for Parking Purposes. The NOL card needs to recharge again and should have a minimum balance of Dh 7.5. RTA reported a component to Nol card balance checking by using their online system/web.

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Follow these steps to Nol Card balance Check online

Step no.1: For RTA card balance check go to the RTA official website by clicking the link.

Please wait for the link.

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Step no.2: Click on the blue box (Check Nol Balance)


Step no.3: Now you need to enter the tracking ID of the card that is available on the backside of the card.


Step no.4: Now the final step is to click on the search button to view your Nol Card balance.

BarclayCard Activate


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The Nol Card is basically an electronic travel ticketing card that was introduced in Dubai modes of public transportation. The term Nol is actually an Arabic word, meaning “no” and the fare is the amount of money one has to pay fortraveling from one place to another.

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The Nol Card system has been developed by Hong Kong based company Octopus Cards Limited. It can be used by all Dubai travel agents for booking tickets.

Dubai Metro Card

In a city that has 7 modes of transportation, it can get quite infuriating to carry loose cash and/or buy a different card for each. So just like any other Metro service in the world, London’s Oyster card or New York City’s Metro-card, the NOL card is a rechargeable ticket that you can top up and gives you cheaper fares.

What is NOL Card?

In simple terms, the NOL card inDubaiis a smart card that gives you access to pretty much all modes of transport in the city, accompanied by great savings and ease of use and allows you to pay for various transport modes in the city with just one, single card.

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NOL Card comes very handy. From the metro to the buses, water buses and tram, you can use the NOL Card. You can even pay for RTA’s paid parking services across the city using the same card. If you’re a tourist planning to use the public transport to get around the city, investing in a Dubai NOL Card is the best decision you could make.

How Does NOL Card work?

The NOL Card is a contactless smart card, which you have to hold over the NOL Card reader for validating your journey. The amount for your will be deducted based on your entry and exit points and how many zones you have crossed.

Ease of having NOL card

Apart from having hassle free transportation facilities and saving your time from Dubai’s traffic, there are other various services you can enjoy from NOL card.

  • You can make retail purchases with your NOL Card. At selected retail outlets like ZOOM, Circle K, Gloria Jeans, Burger King, Aswaaq and many more, you can use your NOL card for purchases.
  • You can simply swipe your NOL Card for your cab rides and carry practically zero cash with you. However, know that you will be charged a service fee of AED1 over and above your cab fare.
  • You can enter the Mushrif Park, Zabeel Park, Mamzar Park, and even the Creek Park with your card.
  • You can use your NOL card to pay for the parking fees in all paid parking lots across Dubai by simply inserting your card in the ticket vending slot and purchase a ticket for your parking.
  • Buy your Dubai SIM Card & NOL Metro Card online, exclusively on Head out and pick them up as soon as you land at Dubai International Airport

Types of NOL Card

There are 4 types of NOL Cards available – Red, Blue, Silver & Gold. Here’s a quick detail of each type to give you an idea of what suits you best.

FeaturesGold CardSilver CardBlue CardRed Card
BasicsSame features of the Silver Card + privileged access to Metro’s Gold Class seats.A transport card with an e-purse that can be loaded with up to AED 1000.A personal card with a secure e-purse that can be loaded with up to AED 5000.A paper-based ticket which can be loaded with 10 trips. No e-purse facility,
Modes of TransportMetro, Bus, Water Bus, Parking, TramMetro, Bus, Water Bus, Parking, TramMetro, Bus, Water Bus, Parking, TramBus, Metro & Water Bus
Highlights _ Metro Gold Class Seats _ No premium paid on buses, water buses and parking. _ Polyvalent Card _ Economical, no-frills options._ Facility to recover balance if stolen _ Secure online services for top up credit. _ Required for concession fares_ Paper disposable tickets _ Good for one-time usage.
Validity5 years5 years5 years90 Days or 10 Trips
Top Up LimitAED 5000AED 1000AED 500010 Trips or 5 daily Passes
NOL Card PriceAED 25AED 25AED​ 80AED 2
RechargeableYesYesYesUp to 10 trips/5 daily passes
UsersGold class passengersStandard class passengersFrequent travellersTourists and visitors
Top Up Locations_ Ticket offices _ Ticket vending machines _ Authorised sales agents _ RTA Customer Service Centres _ Online_ Ticket offices _ Ticket vending machines _ Authorised sales agents _ RTA Customer Service Centres Online_ Ticket offices _ Ticket vending machines _ Authorised sales agents _ RTA Customer Service Centres _ Online_ Ticket vending machines
Documents requiredNoneNoneIdentity card issued by Emirates IdentityNone
Minimum balance to start a journey7.5 AED 7.5AED7.5 (3.75 for concession)1 trip/1 daily pass
Who should buy this?_ Those who like traveling in luxury. _ Those who want the transport -frills bundled into one card. _ Those who want to steer clear of the metro rush by using the Gold class cabins. _ Residents of Dubai who are looking for the one stop card to all their transport needs. _ Tourists staying for an extended period and intend to use public transport at an economical fare. _ Want your name and photo on either the Gold or Silver Card? Choose this one. You also get to recover your balance if in case you misplace your card._ Tourists and infrequent visitors to Dubai who want to use the public transport in limited capacity. _ Those who are on a strict budget.
Zones Within Zone 1 2 Adjacent Zones More than 2 Zones 6AED 10AED 15AED 3AED 5AED 7.5 AED 3 AED 5AED 7.5 AED 4AED 6 AED 8.5 AED
  • One-time Ticket

You can buy a one-time train ticket as well. Use the vending machines or make your way to the ticket booths at each metro station. Also recharge your NOL card at all Dubai Metro stations, bus stations, and at supermarkets such as Carrefour, Spinneys and Waitrose.

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There are also different ticket prices for season tickets which depend on the number of zones that you travel through.

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