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An orc sat before Du Mingfeng.

His attitude was arrogant, showing little regard for Du Mingfeng.


Berserk Beast City's Master of Ten Thousand.

This orcish city only has eight Masters of Ten Thousand in total.

Orcs are very martial, so only the strongest warriors of the army have the right to be the commander of the army. Thus, the higher the status, the stronger the individual in question is.

Gaim is one of those Masters of Ten Thousand.

At the same time, he's also the son of the city lord of Berserk Beast City.

In order to keep control of Giantree City, Du Mingfeng reached out to this foreign force. However, while it might be easy to invite them in, getting them to leave is another matter entirely. Since Berserk Beast City has stepped in, it won't be nearly so easy to get them to back away.

Therefore, Du Mingfeng has to figure something out.

For example, inciting Berserk Beast City to deal with Darkness Valley instead.

In such a case, it'd be win-win for him no matter who wins in that conflict.

"Hmph! Demon King. It's not like I've never encountered them before. Don't go trying to exaggerate the dangers to me here. From my point of view, it's just your own incompetence!"

Gaim was completely dismissive toward Darkness Valley.

There are lots of Demon King Nests near Berserk Beast City, so it's not like he hasn't dealt with Demon Kings before.

Du Mingfeng spoke, "The Demon King of Darkness Valley is a dragon, fundamentally different from other Demon Kings. He's the greatest threat to both of us, so if we don't remove him as soon as possible, the consequences are unthinkable!"


"So what if he's a dragon?"

"That's nothing to me!"

"Likely as not, he may already have died beneath Wang Gang's sword!"

"If he dares to appear before me, then I'll split him wide open! Get me a dragon slayer title to play around with at the same time!"

Gaim was completely unconcerned.

He considered Du Mingfeng's words to be mere exaggerated threats.

Like hell he's going to fall for Du Mingfeng's attempt to trick him into taking his army out.

Gaim was under the conceit that he had already seen through it all, so there's no way that he'll fall for such tricks. Since he's here now, he's going to put down roots and take over this city bit by bit.

Du Mingfeng wanted to try to continue explaining.

Yet, unexpectedly, the ground suddenly started shaking. A fierce pressure suddenly descended upon them like a storm, making both of them react with alarm.

"What's happening?"

"What kind of aura is this!"

"For it to be so terrifying!"

Gaim has never experienced such a powerful aura!

Even his legendary father has never shown such might.

Du Mingfeng's face sank.

He found it somewhat familiar.

His next words slipped out, "It's Dragon Fear!"

"Oh no!"

"The Demon King's here!"

The two of them went out and saw an over 50 meters long dark gold dragon with a mighty presence currently circling over Giantree City.

"That's the Demon King?"

"It really is a dragon!"

Gaim's eyes widened with shock. He has never seen a dragon before, which is why he was so dismissive before. He was under the impression that the so-called dragon is just another kind of monster.

Only now does he know.

Dragons are a completely different concept compared to monsters.

That guy wasn't lying. If that dragon is a Demon King, then this Demon King truly is terrifying, an enemy far mightier than any he's ever encountered!

Du Mingfeng frowned.

The Demon King's aura and body size has obviously increased from before!

Could it be that the Demon King has gotten even stronger? That's bad. That guy's growth rate is way too terrifying. They absolutely have to kill him this time. They can't allow him to leave alive!

Likely, due to the previous experience, the defensive setup of Giantree City is much sharper this time.

However, this bit of improvement was basically pointless. That's because the current abyssal dragon is on a completely different level compared to the previous one.

"Abyssal Devouring!"

The dragon breathed out a huge mass of devouring energies.

This energy concentrated and compressed into a black hole.

A powerful suction force came from the black hold, sucking in all kinds of projectiles and magical attacks. At the same time, it continuously moved forward.

The black hole collided with the barrier with a bang!

The devouring energy, dense as a black hole, warped the surface of the barrier while at the same time corroding an enormous hole in it.


The dragon let out a roar.

The densely compressed black hole exploded.

An enormous mass of black fog-like energy covered the sky.

Those devouring energy could both absorb and devour attacks while at the same time act as very effective cover, allowing the dragon and his subordinates to enter the city easily.

"Damn it!'

"They got in!"

Du Mingfeng Immediately gave his orders, "Have all the squads assemble immediately. Kill it no matter the cost. We must not let this dragon get away no matter what!"

With that, he looked to the side.

"Commander Gaim, would you..."

Only then did Gaim suddenly come back to himself from the shock of facing the dragon. He found his previous lack of composure shameful and disgraceful to Berserk Beast City, so he just let out a snort.

"The warriors of Berserk Beast City have never feared any challenge!'

"We shall show this dragon that descending upon this place is the greatest mistake of his life!"

While they spoke, orders were continuously passed along.

In just a few short minutes, the elven defense army, the chiefs of the Ironblooded Heroes Guild's eight great tribes, and the elite warriors of Berserk Beast City all quickly gathered. They then forced the dragon to the central plaza in the city. This location is very open, very suitable for fighting en masse.

"Quite the quick reaction time!"

Zhang Nu scanned the surroundings. The area around him was crammed full of enemies.

The elven army numbered several thousands, the full allied armies of the eight great tribes number near 10 thousand, and the warriors of Berserk Beast City number around five thousand. At the same time, Du Mingfeng and Gaim have also arrived.


"I was just pondering about the issue of trying to invade Darkness Valley!'

"I never imagined that you'd be so stupid. To come here to your death with only these few minions. Truly, you've saved me a lot of energy!"

Du Mingfeng was overjoyed.

No matter how strong the Demon King is, it's still completely unrealistic for him to single-handedly fight against the entire city and all their numbers!

Be it the army of Giantree City or Berserk Beast City, they're all made of elites, not something that anyone could fight off on their lonesome. After all, no matter how powerful an individual is, there's limits to their HP and MP.

Let's just see how he's going to escape this time!

Yet, who could have expected the Demon King to just laugh sarcastically, "Who says I only brought these few with me? Keep your eyes open and watch!"

With that, he shifted his enormous body.

The draconian priest Li Si stood behind him, staff in hand. An enormous field formation had already been formed with him at the center.

With a flash of light, hundreds of figures were currently being teleported over.

Du Mingfeng reacted with alarm, "Damn it! It's teleportation! Interrupt him, quickly!"

That's Zhang Nu's strategy for invading the city!

The Demon King did not try to forcibly fight against the barrier with his entire army.

Instead, he personally broke through with a small squad before then using the draconian priest's Teleportation Field, thus sending his army from Darkness Valley straight over.

By doing this, he perfectly bypassed the defensive line and greatly lowered the difficulty of storming the city!

That said, a draconian priest's abilities are limited. They're only capable of teleporting over a few hundred at a time, and the greater the number teleported, the higher the corresponding cost, so he needs to constantly refill his MP.

If he wants to teleport the entire army over, then it would definitely take a lot of time!

Thus, Zhang Nu purposefully brought super soldiers and mystic draconian battlemages just to protect the draconian priest, letting him cast the teleportation without interruption.


"Kill them all!"

"Vengeance for the city lord!"

"Vengeance for the First Elder!"

Du Mingfeng started roaring out.

He knows well that they have to interrupt the casting before more soldiers are teleported over. Otherwise, when the masses of Darkness Valley's elites get here, even if they were to succeed in defeating the invasion, they'll still end up taking an unacceptable amount of losses!

"Vengeance for the First Elder!"

"Vengeance for the city lord!"

The elves of Giantree City all displayed their rage.

They all believe that it's this evil Demon King that killed the city lord and assassinated the First Elder, so it's only natural for them to be enraged.

Yet, just as they were about to attack, the first group teleportation was completed.

When they saw this new army, they all acted as if they saw a ghost. It's because this army was completely composed of elven warriors.

"What's going on?!"

Du Mingfeng was utterly flabbergasted.

Why is the army teleportec over from Darkness Valley all elves?

Did the Demon King summon elves?


That's wrong!

That's Giantree City's army!

All the elves present were stunned!

They could not understand it. Those are their comrades, their brethren, so why were they teleported over by the Demon King and are now standing on the enemy's side?


A clear voice rang out.

A silver haired girl stepped forth along with her guards.

When the elves of Giantree City saw her, they all showed expressions of disbelief mixed with joy as they called out as one, "My lady!"

"It's her ladyship, the city lord!"

"It really is the city lord!'

"Her ladyship isn't dead!"

The instant that Du Mingfeng saw Nancilia, his arrogant expression suddenly turned unbelievably ugly.

What's going on?

That's impossible!

The four Heroes actually failed to kill her!

Nancilia swept her gaze across the field as she loudly shouted, "My brethren, you've been tricked! The former guardian elf Jules was the one who killed the First Elder!"

A wave of shock rang through the elves at that declaration.

Nancilia continued to speak, "He plotted with Berserker Beast City and betrayed Giantree City, betrayed our people, and even attempted to hire assassins to seal my mouth. It's all thanks to the Demon King who acted to save me that I'm able to live on and appear before you now."

At the same time, the one armed Third Elder stepped forth from among the elves.

He loudly shouted, "Don't be fooled by the traitor's lies and don't be used by him either! Push him and the minions of Berserk Beast City all out of Giantree City!"

"Damn it!"

"We were tricked!"

When the elves here learned that they were lied to, they were instantly enraged.

Du Mingfeng had no room to do anything now. He could only roar out his order, "Kill those elves, all of them!"

The eight great tribes of the Ironblooded Heroes immediately started attacking.

At the same time, Gaim roared out, "The armies of Berserk Beast City never retreats! Charge! With me!"

The elves immediately fought back.

The battle turned into a chaotic melee.

After this shift of the scales, this battle was already meaningless to Du Mingfeng now.

Be it win or lose, he has lost either way. It's impossible for him to control Giantree City anymore... All his efforts were a complete waste now!

Although he hates it, there's no need for him to fight to the death here.

So long as he remains, there's still hope!

The game's not over yet!

Worst comes to worst, he can rise again somewhere else!

Du Mingfeng kept a very cool head. He pulled out his teleportation scroll and got ready to activate it. Yet, he was shocked to discover that the scroll had no effect.

"What's going on?"

Du Mingfeng was shocked to discover that the scenery around him had changed.

The sky was gone. So was the earth. The plaza of Giantree City is also gone. The space that he was currently in is like a chaotic abyss or the depths of space.

What kind of place is this?

Just what's going on here?

[You're under the effect of "Dragon King's Sanctum". Space has been sealed. All skills -25% damage. Skills below C rank are sealed!]

When he saw that message, Du Mingfeng was utterly frozen in shock.

The Demon King was looking down at him like he was an ant, "You've already escaped from underneath my gaze once. Did you really think I'll give you a second chance at it?"

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